Acoustical Engineering Services:

Investigation of Acoustic Problems in Existing Buildings

Speech Privacy Problems
Excessive Reverberation and Noise Investigations
Speech Intelligibility Problems with or without Sound Reinforcement Systems
HVAC Noise and Vibration Concerns
Impact Noise Problems Caused by Footsteps
Acoustic Treatment and Application Problems
Community Noise Concerns


Design Review and Guidance – Building Acoustics and Mechanical Noise Control

• Office Buildings (partition/floor design, open plan office acoustics, sound isolation details, material selection, room acoustics)
• Schools (Classroom Acoustics, Music Rooms, Gymnasium, CTS)
• Hospital s (Neo-Natal, Patient Rooms, LDR, MRI, Exam Rooms)
• Auditorium Acoustics (Churches, Recital Halls, Multi-purpose Rooms)
• Recreation Facilities (Swimming Pools, Arenas)
• Correctional Facilities ( Video Arraignment Rooms, Interview Rooms, Conference Rooms)

Specification Writing
Computer Simulation of Room Acoustics
Specialized Audio Visual Systems (Court Recording and Videoconferencing, Video Arraignment)
Sound Masking Systems

Testing and Monitoring

Acoustical Commissioning in Newly Completed Facilities
Compliance Testing
Background Noise Surveys
Noise Isolation Measurements
HVAC Noise Measurements
Reverberation Time and other Room Acoustic Measurements
Speech Privacy Assessments
Fire Alarm Audibility Assessments
Speech Intelligibility Evaluations
Sound Masking Assessments


Alberta Infrastructure
Kasian Architecture
ACI Architects Inc.
ONPA Architects
HFKS Architects Inc.
IBI Group Architects
Grant MacEwan University

Typical projects


Royal Alexandra Hospital
Acoustical commissioning of Labor Delivery Suites to determine adequate privacy.

Grey Nuns Hospital
Acoustical design of Neo Natal Unit incorporating design strategies to minimize noise exposure to infants.

Edmonton Police Service SW Division Station
Acoustical commissioning of Secure Interview Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Videoconference Rooms to establish speech privacy ratings.

Grant MacEwan University – Centre for the Arts and Communication
Acoustical design and commissioning of music instruction spaces including performance auditorium, rehearsal rooms, recording studio.

Edmonton New Remand Centre
Design of video arraignment systems and facilities to allow remote arraignment proceedings between courtrooms and remand centre.

Federal Building, Edmonton
Assessment of noise characteristics and testing protocols for specialized mechanical components.

Calgary Courts Centre
Mechanical noise investigation and commissioning in courtrooms to ensure low background noise levels.

Assessment of speech privacy/distraction in rail traffic control facility.

Grant MacEwan University – Robbins Health Learning Centre
Classroom acoustics investigation and guidance to provide adequate sound isolation between classrooms.

Assessment of speech security for critical offices.

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