Investigation and Monitoring

• Walls – Windows – Skylights – Roofs
• Rain Penetration
• Air Leakage
• Condensation Problems
• Structural and Safety Problems with Cladding and Glazing
• Energy and Comfort Problems
• Mold and Mildew
• Water Penetration Testing

  • Alberta Legislature Building, Edmonton

Design and installation of a networked monitoring system for measuring temperature, relative humidity, air pressure and displacement of terra cotta dome.

  • Denver Art Museum, Denver Colorado

Investigation of existing deficient building envelope. Review of design of remedial repairs.

  • Alberta Court of Appeal, Calgary

Investigation of historic building envelope.

  • Igloolik and Pond Inlet Health Centres, Nunavut

Investigation of the building envelope.

  • Inuvik Regional Health Centre, Inuvik NWT

Review and testing of building envelope under construction.

  • Manning Health Centre, Manning Alberta

Review and testing of the building envelope during construction.

  • City of Edmonton Prince of Wales Armoury, Edmonton

Investigation of the building envelope and floor structural systems.

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